School Movies

If you hover over the School Movies link in the top menu you’ll find links to films and animations produced by Pembrokeshire schools over the last nine years. Here is a selection of highly commended entries from recent film festivals:

Very good photography with careful framing of every shot. The switch to black-and-white photography was very effective to illustrate a mood as was the use of a vignette effect to show that scenes happened in the past. We particularly liked the use of your own poetry set to film and we thought you tackled a difficult subject very well. Sound recording and sound levels were spot on. The performances of the children were very good. Highly commended.

Ffotograffiaeth da iawn gyda fframio gofalus o bob ergyd. Mae’r newid i ffotograffiaeth du-a-gwyn yn effeithiol iawn i ddarlunio hwyliau fel yr oedd y defnydd o effaith vignette i ddangos bod golygfeydd digwydd yn y gorffennol. Rydym yn arbennig o hoff o’r defnydd o eich set barddoniaeth eich hun i ffilmio ac roeddem yn meddwl eich bod mynd i’r afael yn bwnc anodd yn dda iawn. Recordio sain a lefelau sŵn yn fan a’r lle ar. Mae perfformiadau o’r plant yn dda iawn. Ganmoliaeth uchel.


An original idea for a class production with exemplary camera work and choice of shots. Very good planning of scenes to fit the soundtrack – one point here, have you had permission to use this piece of music with your film? Maybe the opening scenes run on a bit too long, however, this remains an entertaining film that involves the whole class and has a twist in the tail! Highly Commended.


An excellent adaptation of “’I Don’t Care,’ said the Bear” by Colin Irwin. Great sets and characters with expressive voice- overs and home-made sound effects (for example, the stingray eating the bidet!). Arguably a bit repetitive and would benefit from less scenes, however, you’ve produced an inclusive, highly imaginative and well-written piece of work. Highly Commended.


Another inclusive well-structured story with excellent use of special effects and, this time, good use of sound effects and a genuinely frightening character too! Once again, some very good hand-held action from the monster’s point of view that conveys the thrill of the chase. Very well edited too – this film has a real Dr Who feel to it. Good work! (Joint winner of the 2013 Curriculum Award for best storyboard and editing)


Choosing a speech or extract from Shakespeare is a good idea because it’s far less daunting to tackle than a whole play! You’ve adapted this text well, with an excellent storyboard and structure. One or two scenes could be cut down a bit, however, that’s a minor point as your editing was still very good. We like the use of different locations around Neyland, the range of shots used and the first-rate performances. (Best Primary School Film 2013)

An enchanting story well-told with a trademark visual style of your own. A beautiful original soundtrack which compliments the story well. Full of ideas, we particularly liked the scene in which the main character jumps onto the dandelion. The snow scene could be cut a bit shorter perhaps – but a minor point considering the high standard of your work! (Winner of Best Film or Animation, Secondary)

A great concept with lovely attention to detail and some good visual jokes. It would have been nice to have an animated helicopter for the gorilla to fight, however, the use of sound effects helped the story along well. Well-planned and well- animated.

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