Our Animation From the 2015 Film Festival

Your animation was filmed all in one shot, sometimes we couldn’t see which character was speaking, filming a close-up of the character speaking would be a good idea. Don’t be afraid to shoot the scene again if you need to. We thought your animation was well-planned – and we particularly liked the use of real heads with changing expressions on the characters. This was an effective re-telling of a traditional story.

Eich animeiddio ei ffilmio i gyd yn un ergyd, weithiau ni allem weld pa gymeriad yn siarad, ffilmio yn agos i fyny o gymeriad sy’n siarad byddai yn syniad da. Peidiwch â bod ofn i saethu yr olygfa eto os oes angen. Roeddem yn meddwl eich animeiddio yn cynllunio’n dda – ac rydym yn arbennig o hoff o’r defnydd o benaethiaid go iawn gyda newid mynegiadau ar gymeriadau. Roedd hwn yn ail-adrodd effeithiol o stori draddodiadol.

Our Film From the 2011 Film Festival

This film was researched and planned well. It looked as though the children had been involved at every stage of the production and the performances were excellent. Clear sound, a well chosen variety of shots, good use of transitions to show passing of time and you told the story well. Highly commended.

 Our Film from the 2010 Film Festival

This film would have benefitted from a greater variety of shots (mid shots and close-ups), particularly in the standing stone scene, and some different angles would help too (a low angle to make the boat look like it is on the water). We liked the use of a low angle in the shot of Barti Ddu, the vomiting in the boat scene was acted with enthusiasm and we liked the fact that this was clearly the children’s own work.

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