Dewi Sant

Our Films and Animations from the 2011 Film Festival

A well-written script which was narrated effectively. It would have been a bonus if you had added some moving image: e.g. filmed the narrator introducing the film, or with the images behind them (using green screen). This was a job well done though and the images were well-chosen.

This Flash animation showed a good level of skills and a sense of humour too. Sometimes, it is the simplest ideas that work well with animation. You might be interested in trying out other animation software (like Animation-ish and Toon Boom) which give you more options to get creative.


Our Film from the 2006 Film Festival

We liked the idea of producing behind the scenes movies from the St David’s Family of Schools film project. Some of the films had energy and were well edited. Questioning could have been developed with more open questions and questions for the teachers too! Some good framing and tight editing.

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