Greenhill School

Our Films from the 2013 Film Festival

A highly proficient technical feat of animation using Sims 3 Machinima which must have taken a lot of work to produce. The finished film looks very professional, this personal story is well structured and is helped along by an excellent original soundtrack (Joint Winner of the Western Telegraph Audience Award).

This film starts with a sense of a story beginning to build and a sense of anticipation. As a music video we would like to see a bit more of the band and less surfing shots. However, this film is shot well – we particularly like the reveal shot with the skate- board on the beach – and this is a good promotional video for the band (Joint Winner of the Western Telegraph Audience Award).

Our Films from the 2012 Film Festival

Excellent use of split screen and compositing effects – these effects were well-chosen and helped to tell the story, rather than being used just because they’re ’cool’! There is clear evi- dence here that your film has been carefully planned and story- boarded. We liked the series of shots in the opening sequence too – particularly the idea of opening with a close-up and com- ing back into the world. Great story, well-told and entertaining. Highly commended. (Audience Award 2012 and ILM Award for Best Film).

Well-shot using a high-quality camera with effective use of shallow focus and good choice of music. It would be good to see this shot with an ‘art-house’ feel and have a twist in the story at the end, perhaps. This would be a good film to put in a showreel if you were applying for a job with an advertising company!

Films from the 2008 Film Festival


Here we have six short films made by year 7 students to demonstrate PE skills to year 6. The football film was very accomplished and clear. All films were shot well with good use of close-ups and slow motion. We liked the use of the same presenter in all 6 films – he was a natural on camera! Highly commended for the choice of topic.

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