Haverfordwest V.C.

Our animation from the 2009 Film Festival


We liked some of the graphics and the idea of using animation to tell us about Habits of Mind. It might be a good idea to take one Habit of Mind and explore it in more detail with a combination of animation and live action! You showed good technical skills in producing those animations using Scratch.

Our animations from the 2008 Film Festival


The irony of the cheerful Sinatra soundtrack as the fish got eaten made us laugh! Good use of simple sound effects and a good exercise in animation. Entertaining.


We liked the use of two different scenes in this animation and the close-up which helped to explain what was happening. Using smaller movements between shots would have helped make the animation smoother. Effective music and lots of sound effects!


The storyline of this animation could have been made more clear to the viewer if the characters spoke – especially at the end of the film. The animation could have been made smoother with smaller moves between shots. We liked the use of speech bubbles at the start which explained what was happening.


It was good to see the use of a variety of shots in this animation and the lowering of the giant foot showed the technical expertise of this group. Once again, the animation could have been a bit smoother and some more time on the making of the models would have made them look better on screen. We liked the sense of humour in this animation, well done!


Good squirrel model. Once again smaller moves between shots would have made this animation smoother. A close up of what the squirrel did to the logger would help to explain exactly what happened at the end but we think it was something gruesome!


Does what it says in the title – the dog walks in the park! When you were storyboarding this one you could have made something else happen e.g. the dog chases a ball, or a cat. Smaller moves of the model between shots would have resulted in a smoother animation. However, a good attempt for a first animation.

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