Hubberston V.C.

Our Film from the 2012 Film Festival

Well thought out with a well-written script and a few random (and funny) moments in the performances which show that the children are at the heart of everything that is going on here. In some scenes the camera waved around a bit – you could have filmed in separate clips using some close-ups. However, we liked the camera work in the interviews (well executed), the thirsty newsreaders and the slow-motion running with no use of special effects! Very entertaining.

Our Film/Animation from the 2010 Film Festival

Another innovative idea attempting to combine cartoon animation with live action, so well-done for attempting this. We were impressed by the use backgrounds for the alien character that made it look like it was standing outside the school or in the gym. Good use of angles to make it look like the children were talking to the alien. Just try to get the camera closer to get clear sound. It’s clear you’ve worked hard on this. Well done.

Our Animation from the 2009 Film Festival


A strong storyline keeps this animation focused. This was all filmed in one kind of shot – you could add some close-ups to help tell the story. However. The models and scenery were very good and this animation told the story well.

Our Animations from the 2008 Film Festival


Good models and scenery with clear voiceovers which told the story well. One or two close-ups as the animals spoke would have added a variety of shots. However, the animation showed attention to detail – the eyes blinking – and we liked the idea of adding video of the animators at the end explaining the moral of the story.


Good sized models were effective on-screen and clear voiceovers told the story well. We liked the stork in particular and the way the Stork’s beak moved when it talked.


Clear voice-over which told the story well. The changes of scenery, and the amount of work which went into making it, were very effective. Good use of your own music at the end of the animation.


Once again, good models – nice and big with big features which look fantastic on screen. Some background sound was noticeable on the voice-overs, but this did not spoil the clear telling of the story. We liked your own composition for the titles at the end.


Very good models and good use of some close-ups. The voiceovers were not quite matched to the movement of the mouths in this one, but the voices were clear and told the story well. We liked the use of your own music for the titles at the end.


Once again, well-made models and clear voice-overs. Try to find a quiet place to record your voice-overs if you can (there was some faint noise from other classrooms on this one, but it did not spoil the animation). We liked the attention to detail on the animation (eyes blinking), well done!

Our film from the 2007 Film Festival

We liked the structure of this film and there was good use of scenery and backdrops. There were a few ’jump-cuts’ which could have been avoided by using a greater variety of shots (medium shots and close-ups). However, this film had a good script and was a good of subject for a class movie.

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