Lamphey C.P.

Our Film from the 2012 Film Festival

A good, topical choice – we like the angle you took with this and the cross-curricular history and literacy links. Well-shot with good use of angles and, of course, the aging effects worked well with the silent movie theme. Some of the scenes could be shorter to make the film move along in snappier fash- ion, but we loved the humour in the film which made it a pleasure to watch. (Best Theme Award 2012)

Our Film From the 2011 Film Festival

This film was an ambitious project and it started very well. We liked the soap opera idea of Tudor Street and perhaps you could have split the film into 2 episodes. You have put a massive amount of work into this which has resulted in several classic moments. We loved the humour, the beheading scene, (including spurting blood!) and the ‘rugby-ball’ birth of the baby. You have to be commended for the range of shots, clear sound, good choices of locations, costumes and editing.


Our Film from the 2010 Film Festival

This set of films shows that you have researched the conventions of screen advertising before planning your films and it has resulted in a well-shot, well-edited and entertaining film with a well-prepared script. Watch out for your sound – at times the camera was too far away from the subject. We liked the inclusivity, the acting and the humour.

Our film from the 2009 Film Festival

The presenters in this film were excellent with very confident delivery to camera. There were a few ‘jump cuts’ and some problems with background noise during filming. However, there were also some well filmed and edited scenes with good acting. It looks as if everyone had a great time making this film!

Our film from the 2008 Film Festival

Filmed and edited well with a good variety of shots in the  historical sections, it would have been nice to see a close up in the modern section too. We liked the switch from colour to sepia added to the use of Tudor music which took us back in time. The gruesome cures got a bit repetitive towards the end but did make one member of the panel laugh out loud! Commended for being an original way to present work in the history curriculum.

Our film from the 2007 Film Festival

The children had obviously studied news programmes and understood the codes and conventions. We particularly liked the sports report and the Tutankhamen sections. Using a greater variety of shots would have solved the occasional ‘jump-cuts’ in the film. Producing a news report is a good way of using video across the curriculum.

Our Film From the 2006 Film Festival

This film has a good narrative structure and we like the idea of a story within a story. A good effort at using special effects and we thought that use of the laugh and the home-made music were very effective. Some tighter editing of the Black Monk disappearing could improve the film further. A good first film.

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