Monkton Priory C.P.

Our Animations from the 2012 Film Festival

An excellent Foundation Phase animation using Lego. The only way you could have improved this was by using a close-up of the action. You’ve done a great job with this, we liked your singing and the way you got your message over. Well done – a lovely first animation project. Top job!

This is a great idea. A Shakespeare animation in the year when the work of Shakespeare is about to be celebrated. There will be hundreds of competitions you’ll be able to enter this into! The only thing you need to do is re-record the voiceovers so they are not so rushed. It was refreshing to see a paper cut-out animation – this looks great on screen. Lovely work!

Our Animation from the 2007 Film Festival

It’s always dangerous to copy the originals but these animators have produced wonderful sets and Wallace and Gromit models
with astonishing attention to detail. The story line could have been clearer and we would have liked to see the mouths animated. However, this animation was very well shot – we look forward to seeing what this team will come up with when they design their own original characters.

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