Neyland Community School

Our Film from the 2015 Film Festival

Very good bilingual presentation. We realise that this is an edited version of the much longer film but we still thought it was quite long and could’ve been cut even harder! Also, try not to use transitions too much between scenes. Good steady camera shots, well-framed. Your film was clearly well planned and storyboarded, the presenters were engaging and we particularly liked the acting in the opening sequence of your film. This is a very good record of your trip to Llangrannog.

Da iawn cyflwyniad dwyieithog. Rydym yn sylweddoli bod hyn yn fersiwn wedi’i golygu o’r ffilm llawer hirach ond rydym yn dal yn meddwl ei fod yn eithaf hir a gallai wedi bod yn torri hyd yn oed yn fwy anodd! Hefyd, ceisiwch beidio â defnyddio trawsnewidiadau gormod rhwng llenni. Saethiadau camera cyson da, ffrâm yn dda. Mae eich ffilm ei gynllunio a’i storyboarded, mae’r cyflwynwyr yn ymgysylltu yn glir dda ac rydym yn arbennig o hoff o’r actio yn y dilyniant agoriadol eich ffilm. Mae hwn yn gofnod da iawn o’ch taith i Langrannog.

Our Film from the 2013 Film Festival

Choosing a speech or extract from Shakespeare is a good idea because it’s far less daunting to tackle than a whole play! You’ve adapted this text well, with an excellent storyboard and structure. One or two scenes could be cut down a bit, however, that’s a minor point as your editing was still very good. We like the use of different locations around Neyland, the range of shots used and the first-rate performances.

Our Animations from the 2012 Film Festival

Good timing between the story and the animation. Well executed walking sequences, this is very difficult to do well and you pulled it off. Good shots which fill the frame with well-made colourful scenery – especially in the shop scene. Well-planned with a clear storyline. Very well done!

Good storytelling here with well-performed voiceovers. Excel- lent use of varied shots with good colour and action that filled the frame. It would have been nice to see some animated mouths when the characters are speaking (but not essential). Good animation of the crying sequence. Very well done again!

Our Films from the 2011 Film Festival

Pre-production and the planning was very good. The film started well and had some funny scenes with some good shots. Your film could have been made shorter by cutting out some of the examples of Mr.Fuzzywic’s bad teaching and still have told the story well. With some ruthless editing you could have a great film on your hands.

Another well-planned film with some good scenes that were acted well. The sound was a bit quiet in places, remember to get your actors to speak confidently or get the camera in close to pick up the sound well. Good editing in places which helped tell the story at a good pace. In both films it’s clear that the children have enjoyed being involved in every part of the film making process. Well done!

 Our Animations from the 2010 Film Festival

Good scenery and models (especially the spaceship on a string!) with well-recorded voiceovers. We liked the way you animated the characters teleporting in and out of the space- ship. A simple, and well-told, story.

The script was clearly written by the children which added to our enjoyment of this animation. Try not to get too close to the microphone when recording voiceovers because you get a ‘popping’ effect on the sound. Also, try to add a few more frames in you animation to make it ‘smoother’ on screen. A good story idea and script.

Our films from the 2009 Film Festival


Wow! This shows how your camera-work has improved and how you’ve learned from the experience of making your first films. The excellent range of shots show how you’ve taken the time to look at what is around you and get it on camera. You even managed to film two otters, which is very hard to do! The voiceovers show how much you’ve learnt about Neyland’s wildlife reserve. You must be very proud of what you have achieved!


This is a good example of the kind of film you can make in a short amount of time if you have a simple, short storyboard. The music was a bit too loud at times which meant that you couldn’t hear what the actors were saying and you went ‘over the top’ with the transitions. However, a good range of shots and some good camera work for a first film.


A clear and simple storyline, you could have improved your film by getting your camera in closer to the action so you could pick up the sound clearly. We can hear that you have turned the sound up in the editing process, but nothing beats getting it clear when filming! We liked the use of music and the sense of fun you had making this film comes over well.

Our films from the 2007 Film Festival

A great idea and an original approach to telling the story of Neyland’s past. Some good shots, framed well. We particularly liked the use of old still images with a voice-over and the mini drama. With more time this film could be added to by including more stills and interviews with people from Neyland.

This film is a useful teaching resource for art and is well planned and structured. We liked the speeded-up painting sequence which was very effective. This is an excellent idea for a school film and could be developed further by including more local landscape paintings, interviews with local artists and more pupil responses to paintings.

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