Orielton C.P.

Our Films from the 2010 Film Festival

We liked the idea of filming the puppet show and it is clear that a great deal of work had gone into the making of the puppets and the set. There were opportunities here to film your show in ‘chunks’, add different shots (like close-ups) and change the angle of the camera instead of using the zoom. We liked the use of subtitles and the music was very effective.

Our Film and Animation from the 2009 Film Festival


An original concept for a project which was edited very well. The sound was a bit of a problem as it was not always clear, sometimes the music got in the way a bit or you needed to get the camera in close to the subjects who were speaking. We liked the idea of using a film to record the school’s work on sustainable issues.


A simple story which works well as an animation. We liked the shot where someone climbs a cliff to ‘borrow’ a seagull. Some- times the voice-overs didn’t quite synchronize with the mouths moving. The story was told well and had a clear, planned, structure.

Our Animations from the 2008 Film Festival


Sophisticated and watchable – some of these animations could be turned into great computer games. Good use of music and sound effects, great visuals. An original way to present a set of short animations. Highly commended.


Another set of animations on the arcade theme which shows a witty understanding of computer games and their conventions. Perhaps you could use this idea to get a recycling message across and take your concept to the next level!!

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