Pembroke Dock C.P.

Our Film from the 2015 Film Festival

This film uses an app to generate the graphics with the children providing the voice-over. We thought it would have been nice to have seen some children in the film. However, technically you managed to maintain good sound levels throughout and the children read the voice-overs very well.

Mae’r ffilm hon yn defnyddio app i gynhyrchu’r graffeg gyda’r plant darparu’r troslais. Roeddem yn meddwl y byddai wedi bod yn braf gweld rhai plant yn y ffilm. Fodd bynnag, yn dechnegol ydych yn llwyddo i gynnal lefelau sŵn da trwy gydol ac roedd y plant yn darllen y trosleisio yn dda iawn.

Our Film from the 2013 Film Festival

Great shots with good use of angles and cutaways. A well-planned and structured film that told a story well in under one minute! Some music would add to the film and help build tension, this is a minor point though – you have produced a fine piece of work here.

Our Film from the 2011 Film Festival

This animation looked a bit automatically ‘computer generated’, but we liked the idea. Next time you could try real fruit, or paper cut-outs, and use stop-frame animation to make it talk. The message was short and concise, well-written and the voice-over was performed very well indeed.

Films from the 2010 Film Festival

Visually wonderful, the art work in this film looked great on the screen. The voice-overs were clearly written by the children and included facts about space that you will never find in a text book – for example, did you know that Venus is the evil twin of the Earth? The voice-over were performed well and helped to make this an entertaining film.

This film was a bit reliant on preset graphics in places, so we were pleased to see the use of animation by children towards the end which was very effective. The voice-overs were performed well giving an informative presentation of your school’s environmental work.

Our films from the 2009 Film Festival

We liked the innovative use of animation to add another dimension to this curriculum area. This animation was led by the voiceover and we would have liked to see more of the animated caterpillar. Watching this made us think that a story like The Very Hungry Caterpillar would make a good subject to base an animation on.

The script was very good and delivered an important message. We thought this film worked better as an information film for parents than as information for children. This was a good idea, you could try making a similar film but with live action scenes to help get the message over in an effective way.

Our Films from the 2008 Film Festival

A good way of involving everyone in the class and bringing in different aspects of the curriculum. This film had a good pace throughout and moved along well, some more pictures towards the end would have added extra variety. We liked the combination of different media – well done!

This digital story was told well with clear voiceovers and using effective animated titles. We liked the use of the video footage in one section of the film which added variety for the viewer and is particularly effective between still images. You could have added even more video for the washing of hands, eating lunch and painting which would have worked well with a voiceover. An effective film that held our attention well.

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