Pennar Community School

Our Animation from the 2012 Film Festival

Lovely animation which filled the whole frame with colour and details – clouds, sun, caterpillar, snail and frog. Well-made models and scenery, and good voiceovers yn gymraeg but, above all, a simple idea done well. In animation the simplest ideas are often the best – bendigedig!


Our Animations from the 2011 Film Festival

Good pre-production, great models and scenery. The scene when the vampire comes out of his coffin has a splendid foreground/background shot. We were impressed with your attention to details – the cotton-wool smoke, the vampire’s tongue and the well-timed use of a single sound effect. Another simple story, told well, that shows how you can make the curriculum come to life.

A lovely, colourful set and it was clear that you have taken time to produce well-made characters. A simple story, told well with very good lip sync (which is hard to do so well done!). We especially liked the animation of the dog barking and growling when he’s trying to wake up his owner.

Our Animations from the 2010 Film Festival

The set looked great on the screen and your models were simple and well-made. This animation was clearly inspired by Pingu – it’s a good idea to watch examples of an- imations from around the world to inspire you. Lovely attention to detail – the flipper moving, the way the penguin swallowed the fish and the shopping trolley – very entertaining!

Fantastic models and well-made sets. Some lovely details in these animations e.g. the clouds and the sun moving, the wheels on the four-eyed alien, the animation of the crocodile eating and the spaceman getting into and out of the rocket. The lip-sync was very good on both animations which were packed with good, simple ideas that made your films entertaining to wa

Our animations from the 2009 Film Festival

The script, storytelling and structure of this animation were clearly well-planned. We liked the use of sound effects, the animation of the water and the scene where the fish gets eaten. An excellent short animation.

Great sets and models – the polar bear and penguins are beautifully detailed and the animation of the beaks and the polar bear’s mouth worked well. You’ve successfully gone for detail and quality here – short, simple and sweet!

Good scenery, but the models were a bit small in this one so you couldn’t always see clearly what was happening. We liked the story idea and the animation of the bee flying in was executed well. We like the idea of using animation in Welsh lessons with all of these animations from Pennar.

Very colourful and lively. The models were well-made and looked great on-screen. The script didn’t always match up to the animals talking in this animation. However, you got the feel of the excitement of the circus in this animation. We felt sorry for the elephant at the end!

Our Animations from the 2008 Film Festival

Excellent models and scenery in this animation. The animation of the snow was particularly effective. A short, simple, visually clear animation.

One of a set of animations designed to make learning Welsh fun – and the idea is a success! Well-made models,  scenery and good voice-overs deliver a good animation with a sense of humour.

Good scenery in this animation helps to set the scene. Once again, the voice-overs are performed well. We liked the use of a close-up in this one which allows the viewer to see which model is talking. Good use of home-made sound effects!

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