Our Animations from the 2013 Film Festival

Very good models and sets with good colour and lighting. Skilled animation with good use of sound and a lot of movement which holds the interest of the viewer. We like the technical skill you show in the animation of the lead being put on the dog. Very well done! 

A great concept with lovely attention to detail and some good visual jokes. It would have been nice to have an animated helicopter for the gorilla to fight, however, the use of sound effects helped the story along well. Well-planned and well- animated. 

Our Animations from the 2012 Film Festival

Great humour and an animation with a message. We liked the detail in this, the range of shots used, the animated ‘some time later’ intertitles and the effective use of sounds. An- other well-planned animation that told the story very well – this is good enough to be used by the Keep Britain Tidy campaign! (Best Animation Secondary 2012)

Lots of humour in this animation, well-made models and some nice shots. This idea could be sold and turned into a professional film! We really enjoyed watching this one – you made us laugh! (Best Animation Secondary 2012)

Our Animations from the 2011 Film Festival

We liked the idea of taking a theme – space – and producing a set of short animations which showcase a range of techniques. Some highlights included the scene where the models sank into the pond and the space race which showed very good technical skills. Good editing, use of different shots/angles and some finely detailed model-making. Highly commended.

Our Animation from the 2010 Film Festival

The animation of the walking characters in this animation was very well done – this is usually difficult to achieve and you have pulled it off. The models are very well made and there is good attention to detail with well-chosen and placed sound effects. Highly Commended.

Our animations from the 2009 Film Festival.


We liked the Pembrokeshire angle you have added to this story and the quality of the models. You show good animation skills here – the scene where the dragon blows smoke was very effective, with clever use of cotton wool for the smoke.


Colourful scenery and models, the silver-blue paper made very effective water. Once again, we liked the idea of using Pembrokeshire as the location and the short, simple storyline.

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