Roch C.P.

Our Films from the 2015 Film Festival

This film contained some good shots but it would be good to see the camera mounted on a tripod to get a steady shot and to see a wider range of shots and some use of close-ups for example. You used a lot of dissolves try to use these transitions only to show the passing of time. Clever use of green screen which helped to tell the story. Scenes were acted well and everyone clearly enjoyed being part of this imaginative production. Very well done!

Your film club animations all tended to use the stock iMovie music. Watch out for that as everything starts to sound the same! There was some good storytelling here, using a range of techniques, and we liked the time lapse piece.

Mae’r ffilm hon yn cynnwys rhai ergydion da ond byddai’n dda gweld y camera gosod ar drybedd i gael ergyd cyson ac i weld ystod ehangach o ergydion a rhywfaint o ddefnydd o agos ups-er enghraifft. Defnyddiasoch lawer o hydoddi ceisiwch ddefnyddio trawsnewidiadau hyn yn unig i ddangos treigl amser. Defnydd clyfar o sgrin gwyrdd a oedd yn helpu i adrodd y stori. Scenes eu gweithredu’n dda ac mae pawb yn glir mwynhau bod yn rhan o’r cynhyrchiad llawn dychymyg hwn. Da iawn!

Mae eich animeiddiadau clwb ffilmiau i gyd yn tueddu i ddefnyddio’r gerddoriaeth stoc iMovie. Gwyliwch allan am hynny fel popeth yn dechrau swnio’n yr un peth! Roedd rhywfaint o adrodd straeon da yma, gan ddefnyddio ystod o dechnegau, ac yr ydym yn hoffi’r darn treigl amser.

Our Animation from the 2013 Film Festival

Beautifully written literary adaptation in the style of Dylan Thomas with some evocative personification and alliteration. Your writing is complimented by some great art work, a range of shots and animated set pieces. Highly Commended.

Our Films from the 2010 Film Festival

Two films here from a set of six filmed and edited by very young children using Flip cameras. Good use of the tripod to achieve steady shots. This is a good example of how film can be used to present a class project. We were impressed with the standard of film-making from such young people.

Our Film from the 2008 Film Festival


This film works so well because the subject has been meticulously researched and the shoot well-planned. Excellent framing with use of a variety of shots, we liked the cutaways in a few scenes – it would be nice to see more use of these to add even more variety for the viewer. This film was interesting and informative, holding our attention throughout. It works on many different levels – outstanding!

Our film and animation from the 2006 Film Festival

A good script, well-acted with a clear narrative structure. The film makers tried to use some different angles, some of which worked well. We particularly liked the way the mysterious and dramatic ending.

Some well-made backdrops and clay figures looked good on the screen. We liked the humour in the scene with the seagull. Image quality could have been improved by using more expen- sive equipment. The idea of using animation to reinforce the learning of Welsh is excellent and could be developed further.

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