Sageston C.P.

Our Film from the 2013 Film Festival

An original idea for a class production with exemplary camera work and choice of shots. Very good planning of scenes to fit the soundtrack – one point here, have you had permission to use this piece of music with your film? Maybe the opening scenes run on a bit too long, however, this remains an entertaining film that involves the whole class and has a twist in the tail! Highly Commended.

Our Film from the 2012 Film Festival

Good script and storyboarding and shot with effective use of a wide range of shots (low and high angle, point-of-view) that helped the story move along nicely. The headmaster’s part was well-acted and we liked the scene in which the new kid arrives with good use of music and sound effects. A great story idea and very well executed – entertaining and funny. (Best Film, Primary, 2012)

Our Film from the 2011 Film Festival

Clearly you have spent time on pre-production and planning here. Well-paced, tight editing (the walking scenes could have been over-long but you edited them superbly). Confident performances. Well-placed (and funny) sound effects. Next time, it would be worth considering producing a making-of documentary to show how the children made their film. Highly commended.

Our Film from the 2010 Film Festival

Excellent acting from everyone and you’ve evidently remem- bered to use a wide range of shots that help to make your movie look great. We particularly liked the use of high angle shots to make the teacher look weak and the low angle shot to make the inspectors look powerful. Very effective use of music. An entertaining, well-planned silent movie. Outstanding.

Our film from the 2009 Film Festival


This film looks like it was very well planned, it was also shot well with effective use of a range of shots and angles. The high standard of acting from the children helped to make this a very enjoyable film with a good sense of genre and humour too. Well-edited with an entertaining narrative.

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