Sir Thomas Picton

Our Films from the 2012 Film Festival

Very engaging and well-presented, this would make an excellent teaching video. We particularly liked the way you used tiles to present facts on-screen. Very well-shot with an excellent script, which was well-written for a younger audience with su- perb and lively delivery from the narrators. Highly Commended.

This film by Ben Walton arrived just a bit too late for judging, so we have no review for it, but this film recently scooped up a major award at the British Student Film Awards so was screened at the Pembrokeshire Film Festival. Rated PG for subject content at the end of the film.

Our Film from the 2009 Film Festival

A genuinely enjoyable film with a sense of humour. Clearly  well-planned and shot – you can’t beat a well executed running shot in a movie! It was a shame that it was too dark to clearly see Sleeping Beauty’s black teeth in the critical scene that was the twist in the tale. If you re-shot this scene with good lighting you’d have a short and simple classic!

Our Film from the 2007 Film Festival

Presentation was good and clear with some good establishing shots. With less empty corridor shots and more shots of groups of students, and interviews with groups rather than single students, the film would have a more friendly feel. We liked the clip of a German lesson, the school uniform section and some of the sports and music clips. The good ideas here could be developed further by adding interviews with year 6 pupils.

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