St.Florence V.C.

Our Films from the 2012 Film Festival

Two of the films from a bigger class project. We particularly liked the range of shots used with Manor House’s film-friendly animals giving you plenty of oppor- tunities to hone your camera skills. Filming a range of clips then recording voiceovers of animal facts back at school worked well. Good, snappy, well-paced editing. We particularly like the way you filmed and edited the interview – very professional! (Curriculum Award 2012)


Our animations from the 2006 Film Festival

The animators kept the scene simple, the use of only a few colours suited the low quality of the Digital Blue cameras. The story truly resonates and is built on the children’s own experience of losing their mummy. We loved the animation of the sea and the narration. Highly commended.

Being eaten is a good choice of subject for producing a simple animation. We liked the use of music and the clear voice-over. The animation of the spider’s legs is particularly effective.

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