St. Mary’s R.C.

Our Animations from the 2011 Film Festival

A nice first animation with a good set and well-made models. It would be wise not to use copyrighted music next time (to avoid legal problems if you distribute your work). We liked the mirror ball, the movement of the eyes and the final trick at the end gave your animation a good grand finale.

Another good set and another simple idea – finding a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – which worked well. Good ani- mation of the eyes. Next time you could extend things by writ- ing a short script and try recording voiceovers to tell a story.

Our Film from the 2007 Film Festival

Good framing, the use of point of view shots and short drama sequences make this an entertaining film to watch. This film could be developed further with some shots on location, more old photographs and interviews with local people. This is good first film and a good starting point for a future project.

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