St.Teilo’s R.C.

Our Film from the 2015 Film Festival

Very good photography with careful framing of every shot. The switch to black-and-white photography was very effective to illustrate a mood as was the use of a vignette effect to show that scenes happened in the past. We particularly liked the use of your own poetry set to film and we thought you tackled a difficult subject very well. Sound recording and sound levels were spot on. The performances of the children were very good. Highly commended.

Ffotograffiaeth da iawn gyda fframio gofalus o bob ergyd. Mae’r newid i ffotograffiaeth du-a-gwyn yn effeithiol iawn i ddarlunio hwyliau fel yr oedd y defnydd o effaith vignette i ddangos bod golygfeydd digwydd yn y gorffennol. Rydym yn arbennig o hoff o’r defnydd o eich set barddoniaeth eich hun i ffilmio ac roeddem yn meddwl eich bod mynd i’r afael yn bwnc anodd yn dda iawn. Recordio sain a lefelau sŵn yn fan a’r lle ar. Mae perfformiadau o’r plant yn dda iawn. Ganmoliaeth uchel.

Our Film from the 2013 Film Festival

A very good topical choice of promotional film for the penguin enclosure at Folly Farm. Some of the scenes could be cut a bit shorter, and you could do with getting closer with your camera to pick up the sound, however, your technical use of the green screen effect is excellent and there are some good perform- ances to camera.

Our Films From the 2012 Film Festival

An ambitious live action and animation film with a lot of impressive special effects. With a bit of ruthless editing this could become a fast-moving film with a strong message. We liked the animated animal characters and the well-acted voiceovers. Many hours of work must have gone into putting this together.

A well-chosen, topical theme with room for the whole school to get involved – although this did make for quite a long film! There was an abundance of special effects in this film, with a few things happening at once. This had a hand-made pupil-led feel to it which we liked.

Our Film from the 2011 Film Festival

It was a great idea to take a local issue and exploring both sides of the debate. Some interviews with the public would have been a nice addition, but the children expressed their opinions well and the interview with the site manager was a bit of a scoop! You are to be commended for taking something that’s happening and getting the children’s view on the subject.

Our Film from the 2010 Film Festival

The voice-overs on this film were very well-performed, we liked the banter between the two presenters. Some very good use of chroma-key special effects (the stars and the moon) which were also used to good humorous effect with the ducks and boats. Good quick-paced editing with attention to detail and use of location shots. A lot of work has gone into producing this short film. Well done.

Our Film From the 2009 Film Festival


A great deal of effort has gone into setting up the different locations and rehearsing the different scenes. More use of a range of shots, like mid-shots and close-ups, would help to tell the story and keep the viewer’s interest. We particularly liked the breakfast scene, the humour and the acting throughout.

Our Film from the 2008 Film Festival


A very interesting subject and a great film location. Shorter interviews and use of cutaways and close ups with a voiceover (rather than a presenter to camera all the time) would help to add interest for the viewer. With some more editing there is potential here for an engaging and informative movie.

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