Tavernspite C.P.

Our Film from the 2013 Film Festival

The beginning of this film, produced by a group of young children, has a promising start but loses the plot somewhat as the story progresses! We’ve edited the original film a bit for screening. A storyboard and script would have helped to focus things, however, you have clearly had a great deal of fun mak- ing this film and we look forward to seeing the next episode.

Our Film from the 2011 Film Festival

A well-planned and produced set of short silent movies based on a story book and involving the whole class. We liked the use of your own music which helped to create a scary atmosphere, as did the aged black and white effect. We particularly liked the lost girl film, but all were acted well and filmed with a variety of shots. Highly commended.

Our Animation from the 2009 Film Festival


This was a big project for a first attempt at animation but you have done very well! The story was led a bit too much by the script (it would have been good to see more of the characters talking), but there was a clear structure and you told the story well. The models were very well-made and there were some beautifully animated scenes.

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