Our Animation from the 2015 Film Festival

We liked your use of subtitles. It would have been nice to have filmed a close-up of the characters speaking so the viewer could see exactly who was speaking. There were some moments when the sound wasn’t as clear as it could be, but you fitted the voices well to the animation. Your drawings were good and your storytelling moved on at a good pace.

Rydym yn hoffi eich defnydd o is-deitlau. Byddai wedi bod yn braf wedi ffilmio yn agos i fyny o’r cymeriadau sy’n siarad fel y gallai’r gwyliwr gweld yn union a oedd yn siarad. Roedd rhai adegau pan nad oedd y sain mor glir ag y gallai fod, ond eich bod yn cyd-fynd â’r lleisiau yn dda i’r animeiddiad. Eich lluniau yn dda ac yn symud eich adrodd straeon ar ar gyflymder da.

Our Animation and Film from the 2013 Film Festival

An excellent public information film with a catchy original song that sticks in the memory. Clearly well-planned and inclusive with good curriculum links. Once again, the lighting varies a bit, but we think this is good enough to be shown on television! (Winner of Best Animation, Primary)


A well-paced instructional video. This is an inclusive film, which appears to have had the children involved at every stage of the production and features good performances from the children. This film also benefits from good planning and storyboarding. Try to make sure that every scene is lit well. Overall, a great little documentary!

Our Animations from the 2012 Film Festival

An excellent first animation from your Foundation Phase class. The time-lapse animation of the Lego house was effective and we liked the singing of your song. The use of the plasticine ani- mated mouse was a good addition. Well done!

The quality of the images in this animation is stunning. It would be a bonus for an animation of this quality to be entered along with some supporting evidence to show how the children made it! You have to keep your eyes peeled to see the ghost on the first viewing – but maybe it was just the judges’ eyesight – a close-up here would have helped them! Fantastic scenery, well- performed voiceovers and a well-planned, simple storyline. Highly commended.

Our Films from the 2011 Film Festival


In Newyddion Celtaidd we liked the presenter (and his suit!) and the script. Try using a greater variety of shots next time: close- ups, cutaways and point-of-view shots. Teledu Celtaidd was very Entertaining, we liked the location shots at Castell Henllys and inclusion of a greater variety of shots, confident delivery and – best of all – this film had a freshness that showed the children were in making the decisions when planning this film.

 Our Film from the 2010 Film Festival

A well-planned film, with the idea of using time travel to tell the history of the school giving it a good structure. The advantage of making a silent film is that you don’t have to worry about getting clear sound, which can sometimes be a problem. Good use of effects and intertitles.

Here are our movies from the 2006 Film Festival

Well executed with a good story and framing. We particularly liked the opening scene in the cottage and the special effects on the dream sequence. Good choice of sepia for this film. When making a film set in the past, get the director to watch out for modern things in the background, like cars!

We liked the elephant costume in this film. The actors in side provided some realistic moments as they wriggled inside to make it look as though the elephant was breathing. There were clear presentations to camera by the actors and narrators. Again, watch out for details in the background when filming.

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